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temple of the moon [Oct. 30th, 2010|02:09 pm]
Rune deep
forest creep
take your branch, bend your twig find the heart that beats within
take your merry, parry thought. find a tablature of stone deep within the firefly cavern. the streams edge brought through the gloomy daylight fell over the edge of epitheral into the etherium below.. deep below the weary travellers eyes gazed an eerie mind. riddles of starlight fell before the twilight eye, gazing numbly over the touch of story tale. fall deep your rune. feel the moss growing upon the stone. find a humble tale of a dark anguish.. falling into the caverns of stone the rune fell upon an illuminated forgoten temple. the firefly's light shone upon the gems held in the dim candle's illumination.
"where are we?" spoke the gnome;
"we stand on the path to the mountain sanctuary temple. stay your gaze upon these gems, they would make a fine rune.. the monks who bore these caverns tell of a chasm which rests above a place where water flows.. follow the light through the cavern further still and you shall find a temple." spoke the wearied professore

He opened the watch in his pocket and opened his gyroscope up to the candle light.
"follow me" he beckoned after deciphering their scope.
"The air in these caverns is damp with the mist of the waterfall,take a drought if you are thirsty, their water is sweet."

They entered the sanctuary gate and walked into the couryard. There the fireflies lit up the evening. veiled in shadow four elves perched around the fountain. magic energy resonated softly within their hands, as shadow drifted through the night. they chanted softly in their tongue. A fairy fluttered under a tree and chimed upon a reed fluting a melody.

"who might you be?" asked the fairy. "my name is minerva", said she.

"nemo is my name." replied the gnome, "and this is the good professor grozby"

"indeed" uttered grozby "our quest finds us in the courtyard of emerald. you minerva may have this stone."

pulling the amethys from his breast pocket he gave a small shard of crystal to the bespectacled fairy

"magic stones?!" quirked minerva

the fireflies danced gently beneath the trees, illuminating the eyes of the elves who sat in the courtyard. their glow illuminated the rippled reflections of the pond. through wisps of mist. over the surface of the water blue lotus flowers grew upon the pond. danceding upon the face of the water. from deep below swam mermaids. their names Nelu and Vwim. bubbles floated to teh surface as Nemo looked deep into the cool deep. beneath the mermaids was coral which glowed the aurora of rainbow light. illuminating the water colors of green and purple

In teh garden plucking a tiger lily from the garden a maiden named uriel chanted softly, smelling the fragrant intoxicating smell of the flower she uttered her soft singing as the moon shone above.

"why have you come into our realm?" questioned minerva

"I seek for a fabled gem. The stone of Grom. We desire it's enchantments. the one who posseses it is dwells within the twilight temple..
uriel dropped from the tree of where she sat. as the path up the stairs leading within the twilight temple began to glow.. leading professor grozby up the path paved by weather stones

as he walked minerva followed, fluttering behind, she landed upon on his hat she sang softly. as the fireflies followed dancing as they illuminated the dusky twilight. mist flowedout of the temple's doorway.. and slowly from within emerged a wizard wearing purple robes. "mungo is his name" told the fairy. "mungo the wizard"

grozby sat upon the steps and opened a small box he had in his pocket. inside was an glowing stone.

mungo who was muttering spells softly in an ancient tongue

moonlight filled the kaleidoscopic ceiling which shone glyphs of enchanted rune inside the temple danced three priestesses, elves of the tribe of moon.

"moon elves are we" one said
"we shall open the flowers of illumination" the second elf spoke
"the glow of twilight, replenishes." spoke the third

we shall enrapture the moonlight until the shadow falls beneath

minerva crept close to the illuminare flowers which bloomed inside the garden temple
as the third moon rose over the worlds they relayed through the night and opened a oculus.. for the witch queeried of minerva.. where does the fairy minerval rest? wondered she
"in me mushroom" piped minerva

"well then" the ogrish witch replied

"tea?" asked minerva

"yes" please the witch agreed

they sipped the warm potion which was a brewed from the lotus and warmed their hearts

as the stars shone they hovered there beyond the ethereal glade warming eyes on the shining twilight

the stars glistened there and winked
a shooting star illuminated the sky in a flash of irradecence

falling from the sky a star bright upon the midnight dawn came down to the earth.. falling at mungo's feet.. he picked up the glittering stone which was resting on the mossy ground "well harum" he muttered to the stone "well what have we here..."

the mermaids beneath the waterfall song softly as the night waned on

one of the elves spoke; her name was Eluna. princess of the elves. "sad are tidings of the moons wave." her tears fell as she loomed dreamily over the well. she dipped her hands into the draw and sipped softly. her tears fell and caused ripples at the bottom of the well.
"Eluna" summoned mungo.. "come here a moment" she loomed towards the wizard who was holding the star stone which had fallen from the sky. he placed it within her hands as a gift. "many are our blessings. the night brings sorrow to your heart I see. be of good nature, breathe, drink fill your heart with gladness for the light within the shadow."

now came a procession of the princess's paige and her servants.. they brought to the weary professor, the wizard and their kin the fruits they had gathered from the orchards of the garden's sanctuary. sweet was the taste upon their lips as they slurped up the nectar." they all wear grateful for the taste upon their lips

Eluna motioned to her servants to sing with her as she began to chant her quiet song. a lullaby to the waning twilight's dawn.

softly spoken elvish rune
take your pattern sing your tune
the firefly dance in their shadow
the flight of butterflies now that know
all the moons enchanted skies
alight now ALL teh fireflies

Eluna and her entourage walked over and through the temple and crossed the bridge to her palace of which the crystal dome shone rainbow light, illuminating her home of crystal and brick



wonked the troll for he hid under the bridge between the castle and the river.

who lives hear you may wonder?

the ogrish witch methuzela.. rode her wyvern over the catacombs and through her sky of night
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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2010|02:25 pm]
the manifestations of mana etherium gridz are a natural equilibrium

the vision in the garden was expanding and penentrating into an ethereal web

manifestations on a lonely thursday afternoon, brought into focus the psy web of reality's plant mana grid \
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(no subject) [Sep. 7th, 2010|08:55 pm]
tomorow i shall embrace the dragon spirit and will sink into a dream under the eaves of a wicker tree

a zen afternoon will be had
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(no subject) [May. 24th, 2010|08:10 pm]
norkish gonfurnubular nofacto megundo norquandoi undungular vigosho mordulaxodonko snork
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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2010|06:16 pm]
The enigmatic synnergy of the runic chemicals is magentic. I feel a rush of colorful energy. symbiotic natural phenomenon are underway.

the corridor of energy is combined with oculatory emphamatism.

a sustained hybrid energy is consuming teh negativity


moto bogmo nuncaftu negaratu morphonomic enforence
dukambuwaui mono facto mugamu normphormic endogasmatism

gormphodomic mysonthokatism nupangui morphorbular

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Dream Log [Apr. 11th, 2010|11:33 am]
I had a vision of jupiter and it's moons.. it was the most vivid dream I can remember

last night I dreamt i was at mountain meadows field and a witch on a broom flew out of the forest.. then I realized I could fly.. then i smoked some hash with a stranger.. it was halloween

I saw part of a movie too

/end log
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Moonbuggy... [Apr. 8th, 2010|06:17 pm]
The Moon

The balance of Orbital spectral vibration is a harmonic balance which rotates and corelates entropy, synnergy, resulting in the exosphere we know as life. What is beyond its surface is not as interesting as what is held inside. Our homeworld is a moon of the sun, relatively speaking.

Jupiter's nebulous substrata anomalies suggest that it expunges moons from its nebuli core. A god? suggestive of this is the relationship of Jupiter's relative namesakes of Gods of Rome.

From our vantage on earth the moon is in eliptical synchronic harmony with our star, sol.. the sun. During an eclipse this is demonstrated as only the outer flame of our sun is visible during this cosmic phenomenon.

The discovery of new moons coming from the godlike nebulous planets known as Saturn and Jupiter can be explained by the simple fact that they are indeed new. This was suggestively puzzling to astronomers previously, however I find this explanation is sufficient and logical.

Pandora, the newest discovery of Jupiter's lunar spectrum appears to be filled with plants and dinosaur like creatures, as well as indigenous Navi which appear akin to the mythical elves of earth. Who is the creator or these monstrous mythical magnetic marvels?

I believe that Jupiter's lunar spectrum represent different elements of alien and effectively existential methods of life or existence. Pandora represents the plant life and natural life similar to what we have on earth. Titan is the aquatic realm. Each realm of life which is represented in the moons gives way to a larger world than have ever been previously imagined so far as I am aware. One example is Oceania, of which I remotely witnessed the grandeur of the cosmic aquarium. Oceania is so large that it's realm embodies a world so large that it dwarfs our known solar system. It's coral reefs are so large that they dwarf our sun. Their colorful chloraphyl is so bright that they contain millions of new colors. This nexus dimension has only been explored by a few, and are suggestive of the alien nature of the manta ray, which are offworld deep space dwelling hyperspace beings. The bermuda triangle is a dimensional gateway present on our earth which leads to this massive cosmic marina.

Earth's moon has always been a subject of mysticism. Many talamascic creatures have a divine or inherently reliant use of the moon's energy. The necro or vampire are slave to the moonlight as they are empowered by it's energy. During a full moon they are able to fly or gain extraordinary power due to it's relaying energy. The same is said of the Lycan, or Werewolf. What is it about the moon which is empowering these wicked and mythical creatures? Perhaps it is the composition of what is inside the moon? Perhaps it is the Moon's light which is viewable.. perhaps the natural light reflecting off of the moon empowers these creatures due to the reaction of moon rock and natural light.

Thinking of the moon's effect on The tide, and time, I am drawn back to memories of the tides at my grandparents home by the sea.. In the morning the tide would be up to just below where our fort/ship was moored. by midday the tide would be about 40 feet outward. We would dig clams up from the holes we would dig and bring them home for Supper. The thing that stays in my memory steadfastly was the gooeyducks.. these were creatures which lived under the sand in the sand bar down at low tide.. they had small holes which when we stepped near would squirt water up at us.. they were mysterious little creatures in their own way.. I investigated once as to what these creatures were and it seems they were large clams with tubular tongues which would be outspurted and when we stepped near the holes they would burrow into the sand deeper..Aliens of some kind? We thought so... Once I managed to catch one and pulled the poor creature's tongue off in the process. Another creature I encountered down by the sea was the sea snail, of which would be left a residual brightly colored skin of where it hatched it's eggs. We would find the large spiraling shells emptied by the snails which presumably had swam out to sea or burrowed in the ground. Perhaps the shape of those shells is suggestive of the eliptical harmonic resonance which pulls our moon as we spiral throughout the galaxy. A microcosmic realm and world created by the synnergic forces created by combining elements of sea, light, earth and fire from the sunshine.. only to give way to another replacative biorhythm created by the rising of the moon at night. The fire we would hearst our marshmallows on at night warming our hands and hearts. Our memories, held steadfastly forever in the tides of time.
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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2010|06:15 pm]
Dinosaurs must have had a long time to think
the brontosori are avid herbavores

an exilirating pozotronik vibe emenates from the oculous

colorful pulsation

a mellow afternoon
meditation and solace

my seeds will be sewn. through growth I become alive.
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2010|10:40 am]
eliptical tone vibration
nuace selectivity

shpongle resposive technology

pormovologic decentratism

movement enhanced by logic
algorhythm sensation vibration alloy

nuntaku mortomorphicism
nuntaku meta morpho clozm
nugatu nufacto

metagrophik sensitivity

defacto metamozikron

grenatio metamozikron

denufto gronozikron
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-=[warp mutation]=- [Jan. 19th, 2010|11:13 am]
-=[warp mutation]=-

xenology; alien language

the bounty hunter on tatooine with the large nostril apendage is a sith- a creature which masters darkness

clocks are timespace gyro geometry
gyro robotics are the vint of Ozish teqnology
tic toc is the gyro mechanical differntial engine robotiq being

"energene" - DNA?

manta rays are able to travel and dwell in deep space
aliens who travel through waveform motion

black holes are post-quazar cosmic anomalies

it is said in relativity that travelling at a speed exceeding that of light causes you to become energy - this is called warp
warp travel causes mutation

astronomy may be able to find the key to demystifying the darkness in favor of illuminarum

darkness night space - in favor of the illumination of the sky and stars is orbital harmonic resonance and ecliptic alignment

vulcanistic ear lobez alow the vulcans to hear supersonic vibrations- equivalently ancient elvez are the same

supersonic audio enhances neural pathology and mindwave evolution

mutation is the process of life
transformation being the evolutionary process and the result of synnergy entropic manifestations

consciousness is a process of energy relay which is made possible by synnergy of the forces of energy which exist within the experience of our worldly realm

the form of natural shapes is spherical
conversely the cube is technological stasis

the eliptical motion of cosmosis is the manifestation of time
thusly it's relationship to our experience of time's passage is the relative equation of time to space

the darkness of space is a conundrum - illumination is my preference; for the energy of matter and life makes consciousness, sentience and experience possible

perhaps studying the manta ray would lead to an answer to the query of how to illuminate the cosmos more completely

allowing the universe to be documented, studied and understood in practicum is the journey of cosmic enterprise

stars which are viewed as light which we experience optically are the resonance of energy

each star has a unique spectrum of light;
studying these spectrums may allow for the interpollation of new color spectrums which could be acumulated by astronomy for the purpose of documentation and even practical application in animation

i imagine these colors would take some time to adjust to optically
however i believe there are practical applications to the acumulation of these colors being that they could be used in digital art

the animation could be of alien civilizations

thusly the civilizations of these star systems being known of as the enlightened

fellowship of enlightened civilization is the purpose of sentient understanding

the interactivity of enlightened beings for the purpose of the pursuit of expansion of cosmology and a basis of practical pleasure and art of all forms

Jedi resonance being the ideology of an enlightened civilization

the mindset of the Jedi is the advancement of self and mind

the mastery of the force being it's purpose and protocol of life's harmony

side note on marvel comic realm xavier mutation;

galactus may be the subsequent result of onslaught whom he became once he fused with the energon crystal which was sent by elandra and was intercepted by the being whom was juggernaut
once retrieved by xavier the result may have been the next being
after onslaught perhaps

perhaps magneto is the reflexive manifestation of the earthly

the silver surfer is the manifestation of the pure energy which xavier projects to travel the universe

if the rage of magneto were to subside galactus/the surfer could be a being whom forms and creates worlds

/end side note

the mutant genome was a result of evolutionary reflex caused by the the advancement of mind

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